Yes, Roof Space Renovators has rebranded and we’re super excited to share our fresh new look!

We exist to help you love and enjoy your home by making the most of the space that you have – ‘Same house, more home’

We love utilising spaces in your home to their fullest potential to create homes that make life better – and we wanted our energy and bright impact to be felt as soon as you visited our website, walked into our showroom or saw one of our branded vehicles driving past.

Given so many of you have been a part of the Roof Space journey, we wanted to share the ‘why’ behind why we overhauled our brand.  

A lighter, brighter Roof Space Renovators

Our previous Roof Space Renovators logo and colour palette was almost 10 years old, and we felt it no longer represented who we are or the incredible projects we deliver for our clients.

Our products and services lighten and brighten homes and lives, whether that’s by transforming wasted attic spaces into functional usable spaces, adding more storage space, or by bringing more natural light into poorly lit homes.

We’re confident that our zesty new colour palette of teal, orange and yellow with a hint of red and navy blue, better represents who we are and what you can expect working with us.

Every day we aim to achieve a space that is lighter, brighter and portrays living larger and happier lives for our customers.

The future of Roof Space Renovators is looking bright

The rebrand and a renewed focus on our clients, team and work means we’ve double down on our commitment to enjoying the life you’ve worked hard to create. You can expect high quality workmanship with a hearty dose of personality and cheekiness. 

We’ll be sharing more tips, tricks, and real-world transformations from our happy customers.

We love that our new brand has more personality and feel this better reflects our team so you, the customer, can get a better sense of who we are through our marketing and website.

The industry we operate in is quite small. Oftentimes people get confused about what we do, or what can be done in their own homes. So, we hope the new look clearly communicates who we are and what we offer.

We also hope it conveys just how approachable, friendly, and passionate we are.   

Does the new Rebrand come with any new products/services/team/culture? If so, what?

Book a Showroom Visit and stay tuned for new products!

We are always introducing new products – so make sure to visit our showroom for our latest high-quality products.

For our team, we pride ourselves on always being friendly and down-to-earth whilst providing a knock-out service. Our new uniforms and vehicle wraps will soon reflect that and more.