Deluxe Attic Room
Premium, flexible space!

Extra room for…well…almost anything.

If you’ve got a good sized roof space with a bit of height, why not consider our Deluxe Attic Room option. Our Deluxe Attic Rooms are the next level up from our basic and clean attic storage options. We love these rooms and so do our clients as they are fast, affordable and super flexible. They cost effectively give you a much needed additional room in your house, allowing you to spread out, create separate ‘zones’, set up premium storage and ultimately improve the function and feel of your whole home!

  • Superior finish with painted gyprock lined walls and plastered ceilings
  • Accessed via a premium attic ladder or even a fixed staircase if space permits
  • Structural, reinforced floors for heavy storage items and frequent traffic/use
  • Roof Windows installed allowing for ventilation and bathing the room in light.
  • Double insulation to prevent heat gain and loss.
  • Potential for wardrobes or storage in the lower wall areas of the room

These rooms are practically like any other room in your house. Due to the premium design and build of this attic conversion, these rooms open up a world of opportunity – think hobby room, teenager retreat, kids playroom, home office, music room, private gym, TV room or just a quiet nook to read or look up at the stars. Just imagine having as much as 30% more space to use for almost whatever you want. You’re simply making the best use of the space you already have!

A bigger, better home in 4 - 6 weeks

These attic rooms are designed to stay within the lines of your existing roof profile. As they are not considered a habitable space, lengthy development applications can
usually be avoided which means you could have a brand new space in as little as 4 weeks.

As part of our exceptional service, we will firstly arrange with you an in-home consultation. At this point, we will discuss with you your requirements and upon inspection, what is achievable in your home. We can also answer any questions you may have regarding the conversion process.

As licensed quality builders, we can complete your Deluxe Attic Room from start to finish, arranging all our top-notch expert trades and services. It’s easy and hassle free. Or you can organise your own trades – it’s your choice.

It’s all up from here

You can rest assured that you are in the best of hands when it comes to maximising your roof space to transform your home and your life. You can expect the following guarantees from Roof Space Renovators:-

  • An initial obligation-free consultation, discussing your requirements
  • An honest assessment of what is achievable in your roof space
  • A genuinely free quote
  • Quality products, workmanship and customer service
  • Work conducted by fully qualified and insured builders
  • Superior knowledge and experience in attic conversions
  • Your home kept as tidy as possible throughout the build process
  • Noise, mess and disruption kept to a minimum

New bedrooms? New bathrooms? Parents retreat?
Feel freer, feel calmer. Oh the possibilities….


More home has never been easier. From concept to completion, we’ll make it happen efficiently, cost effectively and with minimum impact.

  • We can do everything. Don’t stress about managing multiple tradies. We have a qualified team who can do the lot from planning and design ideas to Council (Development Application) approvals, all the way to the finishing touches (including plaster and paint). Or you can choose to bring your own tradesmen in. It’s your choice.
  • You’ll have a dedicated point of contact. For our Attic Living conversions, we’ll ensure you have one point of contact throughout your entire project. They’ll be there to answer any questions and inform you of what’s happening and when so you’re never in the dark.
  • We’re experienced, qualified and licensed builders and masters of our craft. We understand building requirements and codes and never cut corners. We are all about functionality, durability and the finest finish. We guarantee you’ll LOVE you’re new space.
  • We’ve got the regulatory bits covered! Roof renovations are our speciality and we are experienced in taking care of all the regulatory requirements. We understand council requirements, height limitations and heritage restrictions and how these might impact your build. We’ll organise all building and engineering permits. You may require planning approval and these are assessed on a case by case basis. For more information –
  • We’ll ensure disruptions, noise and mess is as minimal as possible during a renovation or build. We’re super organised, efficient and get your project completed on time, with minimal fuss and impact to your home. Most of the works are completed within the roof space so in most cases you won’t need to leave your home whilst the works are being completed. Wherever and whenever possible, we’ll go directly through your roof so you can get on with normal life while the transformation is taking place. And tidy is our middle name.

INITIAL CHAT – Get in touch to discuss your space dreams and dilemmas and how we might help!

NO OBLIGATION VISIT & MEASURE – The discovery phase! One of our experienced team will come to your home to check out the potential in your roof.

IDEAS – We’ll discuss all the possibilities including the different options for access (ladders or staircase), natural light and air, and get an understanding of your needs and budget.

FREE QUOTE – We’ll write up a free quote and send it to you for your consideration. Feel free to give us a call if you have further questions, concerns or ideas.

FIRM UP YOUR PACKAGE – We’ll work with you to firm up and agree your package & price (attic solution, ladder/staircase, windows etc). This is a great time to visit our showroom.

DESIGN, PLANNING & APPROVALS – Where applicable, our team of designers and engineers draw up plans for your approval. We’ll take care of building permits and can help with council approval as required.

ACTION/BUILD (FROM 1 – 16 WEEKS) – Our fully insured, qualified builders will start to create your attic transformation! For major projects, you’ll have one point of contact throughout and we’ll keep you informed all the way.

WOOHOO! THE FINAL REVEAL & WALK THROUGH – Once complete, we’ll take you on a
full tour so you can get a good feel for the space and how to use any ladders and windows/skylights.


Like the possibilities? Motivated like a cat on a hot tin roof?
Get in touch for a FREE measure & quote!

If you are running out of room in your home, a deluxe attic storage room, accessed by one of our top quality attic ladders could be the answer. If you consider that up to 30% of the space in your home is in your roof space, that much needed extra room might be easier and more cost effective to obtain than you think!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Some great questions we get

What’s the difference between a Deluxe Attic Room and Attic Living?

Our deluxe attic rooms, come complete with a superior finish including gyprock walls and a structural floor, allowing for heavier storage requirements and frequent foot traffic. Due to the premium design and build of this form of attic conversion in combination with the aesthetic appeal, these rooms are commonly used as a much needed additional room in the house, such as a hobby room, kids play room, or study. Attic Living involves converting the roof space into an additional living space such as, bedrooms and an extra bathroom, or lounge room.

Will I need Council Approval for my roof space renovation?

A building approval is required for our Deluxe Attic Rooms. However, you do not need to worry about this, we organise everything required.

How will I know what is realistically achievable with my roof/attic space?

Contact us! We can talk you through some important factors. We can also schedule an appointment for an inspection. Our consultant can then let you know what is or isn’t possible.

Can I live in my house while my attic is being transformed?

In most circumstances, yes! The beauty of an attic conversion, is that most of the work is conducted inside an area of the home that is not yet used. Further, as attic conversions are our specialty, our team know how to keep disruptions to a minimum.

What happens if I want to change something throughout the build?

Let us know asap, so it can be discussed. We understand that nothing can be set in concrete when it comes to renovations (lucky we’re not dealing with concrete!). Sometimes “remodelling is like pulling a loose thread on an old sweater – the job keeps unravelling”. We get it. We’ll work with you to determine what’s achievable so your project leaves a smile on your face!



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