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Bathe even the darkest areas in your home – including your roof space and attic conversion – with beautiful natural sunlight with a Skylight/Roof Window. Skylights are the ideal way to bring more natural light into any room including an attic space! Natural light offers huge benefits for your health over electrical lighting, including higher energy levels, less eye strain, fewer headaches, and an increased overall level of visual comfort. Sunlight also causes your body to produce more serotonin, your ‘happiness’ or ‘feel-good’ hormone, which is great for your mood and mental health.

Skylights and Roof Windows also make for a distinct design feature in your home – a wow factor – bringing the outdoors and stars inside. You and your guests will always be looking up! They are great for indoor plants and your pets will love them too. And lastly, but by no means least , they can help save money on air conditioning and heating and increase the value of your home.

There are different Skylight and Roof Window options to choose from depending on your space and needs – from fixed to electric opening. We stock one of the largest ranges of Skylights/Roof Windows from only the highest quality brands.

Fixed Skylights

Non-opening roof windows that will transform rooms into bright, happy spaces by filling them with natural daylight and views of the sky! An economical way to visually expand your home and create a feeling of spaciousness.

Manual Opening Skylights

Fill your home with abundant light and fresh air. These Skylights give you the option of ‘manually controlled’ ventilation! They are designed to be opened manually with a window handle (if installed within reach) or an extendable control rod. They also come fitted with an insect screen.

Electric Opening Skylights

Abundant daylight and fresh air with just the touch of a button! These roof windows open via remote control and will automatically close if they sense rain. They also come fitted with insect screens.

Fixed Skylights

Fakro Fixed Skylight

From $625

Keylite Fixed Window

From $555

Atlite Fixed Window

From $641

Infiniti Skylights

From $369

Velux Fixed Skylights

From $610

Manual Opening Skylights

Fakro Manual Opening

From $1115

Keylite Manual Opening

From $1040

Atlite Manual Opening

From $1125

Velux Manual Opening

From $1071

Electric Opening Skylights

Fakro Electric Opening

From $2335

Keylite Electric Opening

From $2370

Atlite Electric Opening

From $2310

Velux Electric Opening

From $2348


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