Garage Storage

(Photo Credit – GarageFlex/Attic Group)

Don’t forget the garage!

Here at Roof Space Renovators we’re passionate about helping you make more of all the space under your roof. Your garage is an integral part of your home – another room in your home effectively. However, we know all too well that garages can often become full with everything from nuts and bolts to shovels, shoes and camping gear. There is many a home that is unable to put their car in the garage or can’t find what they’re looking for amongst the clutter!

While attic storage is fantastic, there is always the need for storage in our garage. Wouldn’t it be nice to have everything sorted, up off the ground and easy to find? That is why we offer Garage Storage Solutions as part of our range! We have solutions that will complete your garage from the ceiling right down to the ground.

(Photo Credit – GarageFlex/Attic Group)
(Photo Credit – GarageFlex/Attic Group)

Flexible, good-looking, fast

Our Garage Storage Solutions, supplied by Garageflex, involve lining your garage walls with our commercial-grade panelling system. You are then able to choose from a full range of accessories including shelving, cupboards, baskets, racks and much more that hang from the walls. The Garage Storage System provides you with endless flexibility in your garage. You can move the accessories around and even add more if required without drilling holes!

Roof Space Renovators have already helped many Queenslanders turn their garage into a functional space that looks great and allowed their cars back in the garage! Have we got your engines going? To get started simply organise a professional no-obligation consultation with us to discuss your storage requirements and together we can create a garage storage solution that fulfils your needs. You may choose a full garage makeover, or just one or two walls, it is up to you. Next, we schedule a commencement date, at which our expert installers will bring your dream garage to life.

Depending on the size of your garage, the panelling can be installed within 1-2 days!


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