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If you are running out of room in your home, a deluxe attic storage room, accessed by one of our top quality attic ladders could be the answer. If you consider that up to 30% of the space in your home is in your roof space, that much needed extra room might be easier and more cost effective to obtain than you think!

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Your roof – the smart, easy and cost
effective way to more storage, more
space and more fabulous, functional,
‘feel good’ homes!

Transform the space you’ve got.
Love the home you’re in.


More storage


Create space

Everything has a home

More living

Expand your home

Spread out

Create separate zones

Brighter living

Open up rooms

Bring in natural light

Create air flow

Reduce energy bills

Feel more positive!

Safe, Easy Access

No dragging ladders everywhere

Hidden away in your ceiling


Keep your spaces in top-notch condition

Here at Roof Space Renovators we are committed to helping you maintain the safety, beauty and value of your home.

We have a dedicated team of consultants and tradesman who can and will ensure your roof keeps your home safe and sound as well as looking great for years.

Queensland’s favourite attic storage and roof space reno team

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True professionals.



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