Attic Ladders


Your stairway to…okay not
heaven…but definitely easier living!

Transforming your attic into much needed storage or living space can completely change how your home feels and functions! And with a smart, high quality attic ladder, accessing you roof space has never been easier, safer or more stylish!

When it comes to accessing your roof space, an attic ladder offers speed, convenience and simplicity. As they fold easily away, concealed in your roof, they also allow you to conserve precious living space and a beautiful interior. Using a folding attic ladder, as opposed to constructing a permanent staircase is perfect for attic storage or utility rooms.

And even if you haven’t expanded your home by optimising the space in your attic, we all need access to our roof space on occasion for such things as electrical wiring, checking the condition of our roof and to deal with pests such as spiders and rodents. Getting up into your ceiling can often be tricky especially if your ceiling is high (like many beautiful Queenslanders) or the manhole is in a hard to reach location. No longer will you need to pull out the bulky, heavy ladder and attempt to position it safely!


We never back down on helping
your home (or commercial
premises) step up!

Roof Space Renovators offers one of the largest ranges of attic ladders from leading Australian and International manufacturers to suit all different roof styles and uses. We have ladders available for both domestic & commercial applications, including mezzanine access ladders, fixed access ladders, roof access hatches and the ability to custom manufacture. Attic ladders come in an array of materials, such as wood, aluminum and steel.

Attic ladders are not one size fits all! For safe and convenient entry into your loft or attic, you’ll need the best attic ladder for your particular space and application. At Roof Space Renovators we always take care to consider your attic opening, ceiling height, surrounding areas, who will be using it and how often. We’ll visit you for an obligation free measure and quote and provide our expert opinion on the best size and style for your budget and needs. Our team are committed to ensuring your attic ladder is the perfect fit for you – safe, easy and fast.

Get us to professionally install, or
install yourself

You can either purchase one of our ladders to install yourself, or our
qualified, experienced professionals can install it for you.

We’ve done this a few times before (actually quite a few!) and our
expertly trained installers will ensure the highest quality workmanship,
fast turnarounds, minimal disruption during the installation and your
home is left tidy and looking amazing upon completion. Our
installations are conducted by fully qualified carpenters.


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Want to see, feel and use different attic ladders before you make a decision?  Visit our Showroom!  It’s a fantastic way to see how they work and which ones suit you best.

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Your roof -
the key to more fabulous,
functional, ‘feel good’ spaces!

We know Queenslanders love space and sunshine. It’s part of our DNA. We’re here to help you bring more of both into your existing home. We’re here to liberate you from clutter, chaos or gloomy rooms by optimising what you already have! Declutter, spread out, give the kids more space, bring the sunshine in, get the house flowing freely and easily and love coming home even more with a roof space renovation!

We offer smart ways to optimise and maximise wasted or poorly functioning areas within your house – especially your roof space – to create more space and lighter, brighter homes. The experienced team at Roof Space Renovators can transform your roof space – usually a dusty, wasted space – into an easily accessible storage area or even a much needed extra bedroom or study, whilst adding value to your home. We can also open up your roof to let natural light in with skylights and roof windows! We are passionate about giving you the opportunity to expand your living space and the feeling of space without expanding your footprint. And with the largest range of options, products and brands in Queensland, we cater for all needs and budgets!

More storage


  Create space

Everything has a home

Utilise the unused, wasted space in your roof by creating an attic storage area.

A super simple and convenient storage solution that most people don’t even consider!

From our most cost effective budget storage for rarely used items to complete dust proof storage areas, we can help you gain the space you need to get things up and away and keep them clean and safe.

We also offer garage storage solutions.

More living

Expand your home 

Spread out

Create separate zones

From our deluxe attic room option (semi-habitable rooms such as hobby room, kids play room or study) to a completely new superior living space, your roof may be the perfect solution to a bigger home!

Parent’s retreat? Guest bedroom? Entertainment loft? Private study? Gain more home and add value to your property! Faster than a traditional renovation, more cost effective than moving.

If you have the space, why not make the most of it and spread out!

Brighter living

Open up rooms

Bring in natural light

Create air flow

Reduce energy bills

Feel more positive!

Get that ‘walking on sunshine’ feeling with our Skylights/Roof Windows and Attic Windows.

Bring the natural light and fresh air in. Brighten your home. Get rid of dark, gloomy spaces!

Create a sense of spaciousness.



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