Let there be… NATURAL light (and air)!

Walking on sunshine with skylights and attic windows!

Are you in need of more light and air in your living spaces? Can’t see what you’re doing inside in the middle of the day? Rooms dark and depressing? Lacking that feeling of spaciousness? Or maybe you’re considering an attic conversion and wondering what the options are when it comes to light and ventilation?

If you want your home, including your attic space, to feel bright and breezy then you can’t go past our fabulous range of high quality Skylights/Roof Windows and Attic Windows. Not only do they look amazing and give a definite wow factor, they send in rays of natural light and many can be opened – either manually or electrically – to bring the fresh air in too! Natural light not only brightens your home but makes it appear larger and homelier. It brings clarity (to you and the interiors), boosts productivity, improves mood, and creates a much more tranquil space than an artificially lit environment. And you can’t go past a breath of fresh air.

Skylights/Roof Windows & Attic Windows can also save you money. As they say, with great power comes…great electricity bill! These windows can reduce the need for turning on lights or air conditioning.

Our gorgeous glass skylights and attic windows are perfect for allowing the natural light and air into your home.

Let us help brighten your day - we install

Sunshine and the outdoors is part of being a Queenslander. Why not join the many Queenslanders who have allowed us to ‘bring the outside in’, with our extensive range of Atlite, Keylite, Fakro and Velux brands of skylights and roof windows, transforming their home and the way they feel!

Skylight/Roof Window or Attic Window installation is one of our specialties. As part of our service, you will receive a professional no-obligation consultation to discuss your requirements and to offer our expert opinion on size, style and placement within your home. Our expertly trained installers look after both the external and internal components of the installation and bring significant experience will all types of roofs – tile, corrugated, trim deck or flat. Your skylight/s and attic windows will be installed into you roof securely and leak free. A shaft for each skylight will be framed, lined with gyprock and set with plaster for a perfect finish ready for painting.

Roof Space Renovators are committed to ensuring you are 100% happy. Therefore in addition to providing quality products, our skylight & roof window installation service aims to ensure you receive the highest quality workmanship, minimal disruption during the installation and your home is left tidy upon completion. Now that’s a breath of fresh air.


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Skylight accessories to light you up

Roof Space Renovators offer a range of accessories to compliment your skylights and roof windows. Blinds are a popular add-on and are great for controlling daylight (when required) in rooms such as bedrooms and TV rooms. Other accessories available include operating poles, handles, insect screens and remote controls. Contact us to find out more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Some great questions we get

What’s the difference between a Skylight, Roof Window and an Attic Window?

In our industry the terms Skylight and Roof Window are interchangeable and usually refer to windows that have been designed for out of reach areas – for example a high ceiling in your kitchen. Attic Windows, on the other hand, are windows, also installed into the roof, that are designed for within reach applications, such as the attic.

Are they designed for extreme weather conditions - like the ones we get in Queensland?

Our Roof Windows have been designed and manufactured to withstand Australia’s harshest climate. They have been tested and comply with Australian Standards (AS4285, AS1288, AS3959). This means Aussie’s can enjoy one of our greatest natural resources – glorious sunshine – within our homes, stress free!


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