Installing skylight.

Five Quick Renovation Ideas to Wow Your Guests This Christmas

Impress your friends and family this festive season with Roof Space Renovators five quick renovation ideas to wow your guests this Christmas.

If you’re expecting more than just a jolly old man in a red suit and his reindeer this Christmas, you’ll want your home looking its best. Think outside the box with Roof Space Renovators storage solutions.

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Garage Storage Brisbane

Garage Storage Products Brisbane

If you’re looking for the best garage storage products Brisbane, look no further than Roof Space Renovators.

Stop fighting with tangled cords and tripping over bikes or scooters with our quality garage storage solutions.

Whether it’s for additional space for your tools, a great way to get bikes out of the way, things hung on the wall, or baskets for storing loose odds and ends, Roof Space Renovators can assist you to develop a great storage solution that still provides easy access.

Garage Storage.

Garage Storage Solutions Brisbane

If your garage is chock-a-block, let Roof Space Renovators help with garage storage solutions Brisbane. Our storage solution involves opening up your garage roof space and creating a storage area or room. The new storage space is easily accessed via a safe and easy to use attic ladder.

Roof Space Renovators service Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast (and all areas in-between), creating functional garage roof storage spaces.

Carport and Attic.

Garage Storage Solutions – Thinking Outside of The Box

Is your garage chock-a-block with everything but the cars?

It’s a familiar scenario for all too many Queenslander’s. For many Queensland homeowners, their garage is being used to store suitcases, storage boxes & tubs, the Christmas tree & decorations, shoes & out of season clothing etc etc. Despite being aware that the garage was purpose built to keep cars safe from bad weather, environmental elements and locked away from easy theft and vandalism opportunity, many Queensland homeowners simply cannot fit their cars in the garage, due to the garage being used to store everything else.

Messy Garage.

Under Stair Storage & Garage Makeover – South East Queensland

Job: To provide these homeowners with a garage makeover including a secure storage space for the large and more expensive items.

Products used: Hand-E-Shutter & GarageTek.

Location: Warner, Qld.

We see it all too often….home garages chock-a-block with everything except the car. For these homeowners, they had had enough and wanted their garage back! It was time for them to get organised.

Garage Storage.

Garage Makeover Brisbane

Job: Provide a suitable storage system in the garage on a budget.

Location: Bulimba

This client had two corners of the garage that were chock-a-block full of items. The client wanted to make better use of these two areas as It looked very untidy and was far from practical. Roof Space Renovators’ are GarageTek’s supplier and installer in South East Queensland. Roof Space Renovators’ specialise in transforming unused roof spaces into usable storage areas or even living areas. However, not everyone can or want make use of their roof cavity. GarageTek was incorporated into the company to provide an additional storage solution in these cases.

Garage Storage Final Result

Garage Storage Solutions South Brisbane

Job: Create an organised area in the garage to store teenager’s sporting equipment.

Location: Parkinson.

Roof Space Renovators’ are storage specialists. We have multiple storage options if attic storage is not desired or not practical.

This client required a tidy, functional area for her teenage children to store their sporting equipment. With the GarageTek wall panelling system and accessories, we were able to create a storage area tucked away in the corner, still allowing the client full use of the garage.