Inside and Outside view of skylight.

Skylights Sunshine Coast

Do you have a dark room or two that could do with some extra natural light? Then contact Roof Space Renovators and discover our skylights Sunshine Coast solution.

Roof Space Renovators are skylight experts, bringing light into homes all over South East Queensland.

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Attic Ladder.

Queenslander Attic Conversion

If you love your classic tin roof, but not the lack of storage under it, then you need to consider a Queenslander Attic Conversion.

Queenslanders are a very common design and are perfect for converting the roof space into storage and Roof Space Renovators are the team with the experience to get it done.

While other tradespeople may claim that they can convert your roof space, unforeseen challenges can cause problems for you and your bank account. Roof Space Renovators are so confident in our assessing and planning, we offer fixed price quoting for all of our jobs, so you know the exact cost before we even begin.

Room in Attic.

What to look for in an Attic Builder

Choosing a builder is a big commitment, so to help you we’ve put together this blog on what to look for in an attic builder.

You wouldn’t ask a dentist to test your eye sight, but when it comes to creating an attic space, some people think that any builder will do. Unless you know what to look for, you may end up with a disappointing product, so here at Roof Space Renovators we’ve shared our tips for picking the right contractor below.


3 Reasons You Should Have A Skylight In Your Living Room

Your living room is the centre of your home, to make it even more inviting here are 3 reasons you should have a skylight in your living room.

At Roof Space Renovators, we know your home is a comforting escape from the rest of the world, and we can help make yours as fantastic as possible.

With our knowledge of roof space conversions and experience in skylight installations, no matter what cables and pipes are in the way, we can make your dream installation a reality.

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Attic Ladders.

Keylite Loft Ladders

If you are looking for a sturdy, quality attic ladder at a budget price, look no further than our range of Keylite Loft Ladders.

Roof Space Renovators are attic ladder specialists. We are suppliers and installers of multiple attic ladder brands and models. Our ladders are all handpicked by us, based on our extensive experience within the Queensland market.

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