3 Reasons to Choose Roof Space Renovators

We delight in fulfilling your storage needs to not only unlock your home’s full potential but for you to live a less cluttered, more abundant lifestyle. As Queensland’s leading attic renovation company, we can help you awaken the awesome potential in your roof! Read on to find out 3 more reasons to choose us. 1.…

Attic Ladder.

Queenslander Attic Conversion

If you love your classic tin roof, but not the lack of storage under it, then you need to consider a Queenslander Attic Conversion.

Queenslanders are a very common design and are perfect for converting the roof space into storage and Roof Space Renovators are the team with the experience to get it done.

While other tradespeople may claim that they can convert your roof space, unforeseen challenges can cause problems for you and your bank account. Roof Space Renovators are so confident in our assessing and planning, we offer fixed price quoting for all of our jobs, so you know the exact cost before we even begin.

Room in Attic.

What to look for in an Attic Builder

Choosing a builder is a big commitment, so to help you we’ve put together this blog on what to look for in an attic builder.

You wouldn’t ask a dentist to test your eye sight, but when it comes to creating an attic space, some people think that any builder will do. Unless you know what to look for, you may end up with a disappointing product, so here at Roof Space Renovators we’ve shared our tips for picking the right contractor below.

Roof windows.

Attic Skylights Carina Heights

If you’ve been considering attic skylights, it can help to hear how another family went through the same process and decided what worked for them.

Here at Roof Space Renovators we know how important it is for you to choose something that will work for you and your home.

If you’d like our help to decide what attic skylights will suit your space, call us on 07 3889 6688, send us an online enquiry or drop into our showroom at 13/18 Hinkler Court, Brendale.

Before and After roof conversion.

Premium Attic Storage Room Brisbane

If you are looking to increase living space, add a bedroom or gain some extra storage space in your home, Roof Space Renovators has the solution for you, a premium storage room Brisbane.

Our Premium storage rooms are complete with a superior finish, including floors designed for frequent foot traffic and heavy storage requirements as well as aesthetic appeal.

Get in touch today for a consultation on how you can gain up to 30% extra space in your home, without sacrificing your backyard or homes character. Call us on 07 3889 6688, send us an online enquiry or drop into our showroom at 13/18 Hinkler Court, Brendale.

Attic Rooms.

Attic Room

The attic is commonly either unthought of, or associated with aliens, spiders, snakes and ghosts. However surprisingly, a growing number of homeowners are turning to their roof space when considering options to achieve extra space. By transforming this wasted space into a fully functional storage area or even an attic room, homeowners are discovering a cost effective and smart space solution.

For more information, call us on 07 3889 6688, send us an online enquiry or drop into our showroom at 13/18 Hinkler Court, Brendale.

Attic Conversion Ideas.

Attic Conversion Ideas

Take your pick of roof conversion ideas and turn that empty unused space into the perfect storage area or extra living space.

Roof Space Renovators can help you unlock the potential of your roof space, turning what was a dull, empty space into something that will bring unmeasured value to your home.

Discover how easy it is to increase the space in your home just by looking up!

To find out more about what we can do for your home, call us on 07 3889 6688 or send an online enquiry here.

Attic Space Conversions.

Attic Space Conversions

Roof Space Renovators will help you to make the most of the space you already have with our attic space conversions.

We can help you unlock your roof space’s full potential by turning it into a storage room, living area or even a bedroom.

Not only will you add space to your home, you also have the potential to add even more value to your South East Queensland property.

To find out more, give our friendly team a call on 07 3889 6688, send us an online enquiry or drop into our showroom at 13/18 Hinkler Court, Brendale.