Storage in Attic.

Storage in Roof Cavity

Having just purchased their new home, these homeowners were conducting some renovations of the home before they moved in. During the renovation process they quickly established that they were going to face the common ‘lack of storage’ issue many inner city suburb homeowners face. Following some research on storage ideas, they came across the ‘attic’ concept. Although not a new concept in Queensland, transforming the wasted roof space into a usable storage or even living area, is often not thought of and therefore a less likely considered renovation project. Further, it is also a common misconception that attic storage is not possible if the home has ducted air conditioning.

Attic Ladder Up To Attic Storage

Roof Space Storage Room Brisbane

Job: To create a large storage room in the roof space of one of the units in a unit complex.

Location: Taringa.

These clients live in a unit in South-West Brisbane, therefore space is not plentiful. With a growing family, they began looking into storage options. It didn’t take them long to establish that the only way was up! With Roof Space Renovators, they were able to increase the usable space under their roof by a huge 20m2 with a dust proof storage room. Due to the regularity they were planning on using the room, they chose to have the upgrade access ladder installed. This ladder is aesthetically appealing, safe and easy to use and has a nice climbing angle.

Clean Attic Storage Install.

Clean Attic Storage Brisbane South

Job: Transform unused roof space into a large dust-proof storage room

Location: Corinda

This amazing 30m2 dust-proof storage room was created in the roof space of a home in Corinda, South of Brisbane. Like the majority of our clients, this family required more space. However, whilst many of our clients only require an area to store occasional use items they only need to access a couple of times a year, these clients desired a room to store the items they require regularly, enabling them to keep their living areas clutter-free.

Fewster Premium Room Complete.

Attic Conversion North Brisbane

Job: Transform the roof space into second storey living, including two bedrooms and a lounge room.

Location: Wilston

These clients were aware of the enormity of their dark and dusty roof space. They required additional space in their home for their older children and the plan was to convert the roof space into two extra bedrooms and an additional living area.

Roof Space Renovators’ were called and an in-home consultation booked. Our consultant quickly established that the roof space was perfect for the clients planned attic conversion and the process began. The space was designed to incorporate the three rooms required and the clients decided on four of the largest size Fakro roof windows for light and ventilation.